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Executive Director for KnowHub Chile

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Publicado: 08/03/2018

Finaliza: 23/03/2018

1. General Background
Type of Contract: Fixed Term/Indefinite Duration Employment Contract Reports to: Corporation’s Board
Openings: 1
Place of work : Santiago/willingness to travel both domestically and internationally.
2. General Objective of the Job:
To lead the starting up and operation of the Know Hub Chile Technology Transfer Hub, guaranteeing sustainable value creation and capture for the corporation and its beneficiaries, through the linkage with business in R&D projects, technology transfer and the creation of technology based ventures with high national and international impact. To lead and coordinate the managers, units and staff, and to allocate resources for an effective and efficient fulfillment of duties, the execution of the project, the design and implementation of strategies, plans and budgets, and all the instructions and actions entrusted to him by the Corporation’s Board for the direction, management, administration and fulfillment of the Hub’s objectives. To link the corporation with all the national and international entities of the innovation ecosystem that are necessary and pertinent for an effective execution of its activities.
3. Job Functions and Responsibilities:
- Lead the definition, design and execution of the strategy, business plan and budget of the corporation, including its mission, vision, values, short-, mid- and long-term objectives as well as the necessary resources and capabilities.
- Oversee and control the execution and fulfilment of the defined strategy, plan and budget, correcting eventual deviations.
- Lead the processes of technology transfer and commercialization, development of venture-based technologies and associative R&D with other businesses.
- Report to the Board regarding the execution of the Corporation’s strategy, plan and budget.
- Lead the starting up and operation of the corporation, securing the availability and organization of the necessary staff, resources and capabilities.
- Oversee and organize the corporation’s managers, coordinating their units in order to secure an efficient and effective performance.
- Coordinate the work of the corporation’s advisory committees, so that these contribute effectively to its performance and impact.
- Lead the definition, design and application of policies, guidelines, procedures and instruments necessary for the corporation’s governance.
- Lead, motivate and encourage the staff, aligning their work around common goals. Securing the availability of talented professionals in the corporation.
- Work with and strengthen the capabilities of the corporation’s partner entities and their OTLs in order to contribute effectively to a linkage with the industry, to technology transfer and the development of technology-based ventures with a greater national and international impact.
- Foster the collaboration and permanent relationship with the industry, suppliers and national and international counterparts that contribute to increasing the returns to innovation based on the technologies of the corporation’s partner entities.
- Detect and attract new opportunities and clients to the corporation and its partner entities, by establishing links with businesses, institutions, investors and other relevant actors.
- Secure the competitive positioning of the corporation by defining, communicating and providing a differentiated value proposal to the stakeholders.
- Secure the operational and financial viability and sustainability of the corporation.
- Represent the corporation.
- Lead the effective and efficient execution of programs, projects or activities funded by public or private agencies, securing compliance with agreements, rendering of accounts, reporting and other required actions.
4. Transversal Competencies:
- Fluency in oral and written English and Spanish
- Communication, teamwork, availability, collaboration and adaptation to change skills
- Thorough and well-organized.
5. Specific Competencies:
- Discre

Detalle Oferta:

Área de desempeño:
Región Empresa:
VIII Bío Bío
Ciudad Empresa:
Lugar de Trabajo:
Duración Contrato:
Por definir
Jornada Completa


Requisitos Minimos:
Education Requirements:
- Professionals from any of the HUB’s priority areas: Agriculture, Health, Industrial Production, Engineering, Energy. Master’s or PhD in any of these areas is desirable.
- Complete undergraduate education in the area of engineering or technology/science.
- PhD in Business Management is desirable.
Previous Experience:
- At least 10 years of work experience in the area of technology transfer and commercialization on a national and international level.
- Experience in the creation and starting up of companies, business units, institutions or programs.
- Experience in the direction and management of companies, institutions or programs.
- Experience in the survey of public or private resources.
- Experience and ability to understand and handle the language of universities conducting research and that of business, in order to establish links and promote and manage processes of innovation.
- Knowledge and experience in the management of projects with public or private funding is desirable.
- Knowledge and experience in the area of effective management of transfer, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship.
- Knowledge of the National Innovation System.
- Experience in the planning and execution of strategies.
- Management skills (strategy, technology, commercial, financial, etc.).
Characteristics: principles, values and other abilities:
- Clarity of vision and purpose.
- Management and leadership skills.
- Ability to establish objectives and leading the organization towards achievement.
- Permanent commitment, responsibility and loyalty to the institution.
- Integrity, high ethical and social responsibility principles.
- Proactiveness and reliability.
- Oriented toward cooperation between work teams and collaborative work with stakeholders for the achievement of goals.
- Tolerance to uncertainty.
- Attitude and ability to manage change in a well-organized manner.
- Oriented toward the creation of value on the basis.
Experiencia Mínima:
Menos de 10 años
Estudios mínimos:
Situación Académica:
Dominio Computacional:
  • Ingeniería Civil Industrial

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